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Our client has a commercial Kitchen which is in use 7 days a week and from 6am -10pm. The existing floor was tiled with a fall to a drain gulley running the length of the kitchen. The floor looked dirty and worn with many tiles chipped or stained. They had wanted to refurbish the floor but could not afford to shut down the kitchen for any length of time.

The area around the drain gulley was open where the jointing material had over the years broken down and let water in under the floor causing tiles to lift and leaving a bad odour which was not very hygienic.

So, they were amazed that we could offer a solution that meant there would be no disruption to the kitchen.


Project Type Kitchen Floor
Repairs Fusion MMA Repair Mortar
System Fusions MMA Hygienic Quartz System
Project Size 58 square metres
Duration 1 Night


The first phase of the project required the team to grind the tiled floor to remove contamination and the sheen of the tiles. Once that was completed the team started to check for any loose or hollow tiles. We repaired any damaged tiles with Fusions Rapid Repair Mortar.

The MMA resin system was then installed by using Fusion Coatings Primer, Body coat & Topcoat.

We used a Quartz stone in the body coat to give the floor the highest possible strength, required by such a Kitchen environment and the possibility of Chefs dropping hot and heavy objects on to the floor surface.

The Top coat was our High Temperature Coating which has been tested to 100 degrees centigrade.

The floor system was completed with extra anti slip properties.

The Fusion Coating MMA also bonded directly to the drain gulley so removing use of any sealants which is usually the first part of the floor system to breakdown and fail.

The client now had a fully seamless hygienic floor system

This was all completed within 8 hours


    • An anti slip seamless floor
    • Resistant to oils and Hot Temperatures
    • Tough durable Floor
    • No risk of the system breaking down around the drain
    • Installed in one night, so no loss of income
    • Expertly Installed with a 10 year Warranty
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