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Our client has a commercial office property which is used by over a 500 people. Each floor has 4 toilets. Our client wanted to refurbish the outdated tiling on the walls and floors but could never afford the downtime of each toilet or the expense of re-tiling. When they enquired to see if our resin system was suitable for the floor areas, we were delighted to say yes but not only were we able to provide them with a new floor, we could use our resin system to coat the walls too.

The project was confirmed when we told them that, not only could we install our systems on top of the floor and wall tiles but each floor would only be out of use for one weekend, In addition the cost was a fraction of re-tiling.


Project Type Washroom
Size 20sqm per Toilet
Repairs Fusion MMA Tile Repair Mortar
System Fusion MMA Over Tile Flake System
Duration 16 Toilets in 4 weekends (4 Toilets per weekend)


The first phase of the project required the team to give the tiles a grind so they lost their sheen. We then checked that all tiles were still attached to the adhesive behind them. If they were loose or hollow, we removed those tiles and filled the spaces with our Fusion MMA Tile Repair Mortar. Once this was carried out the walls and floor were primed with our Fusion Tile Primer.

The team then installed a Special formulated Base coat to the walls and floors to create a smooth base.

Now the team could start to install the body coat on the walls and floors. By using our Fusion coving paste a 4-inch cove was created around the perimeter. The team could then broadcast the flake into the resin, using our client’s choice of coloured blended flake.

The floor area was sealed with our anti slip topcoat, whilst the walls were sealed with our standard topcoat. One floor of 4 toilets was completed in One weekend.


    • A anti slip decorative floor
    • Resistant to Urine stains and acids
    • Easy to clean hygienic floor and walls
    • Installed in one weekend so minimal down time
    • Expertly Installed with a 10 year Warranty
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