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We offer a free survey to discuss your requirements, assess and specify the most suitable MMA resin flooring system for your space. Once a professional survey has been undertaken, you will be provided with an accurate quotation.

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We believe an MMA resin flooring system is the number one choice for your garage or workshop floor. We use only our own in-house, high strength resins because we know they have the exceptional bond that is required to adhere to most substrates, including concrete, steel, tiles, other resins, asphalt and marine ply. An MMA resin coating system works well to cover a poor quality garage floor that typically has peeling paint and cracks, providing a seamless coating that will withstand oil, grease and tyre marks and prevent the dust build up that you get from so many old concrete floors.

We have developed this type of flooring system from the automotive and commercial industry for use specifically in the home market, aimed at garages and workshops. With an impressive range of ingredients and pigments that can be added to the resin topcoat, including aggregates, pigments, decorative quartz / flakes and in some cases cement powder, we can also create an attractive and practical floor, suited exactly to your requirements, in thousands of colour choices and finishes.

With our business partners, we can offer complete solutions for garages, including wall, ceiling and all garage storage, garage doors and complete bespoke systems. Contact us for more info.


Weather UV Resistance Excellent UV Resistance
Curing Time 1 Hour
Installation Temperature As low as - 30 degrees C
Surface Additions Quartz flake etc.
Guarantee 10 years


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With over 30 years servicing the construction industry, we supply and install only our own in-house resins. All our resins have an ultra strong chemical bond between layers to give maximum strength. All systems can be tailor made to give any level of slip resistance required. Exceptional bond to most substrates including concrete, steel, tiles, other resins, asphalt and marine ply. Easy to clean and hygienic.

  • Over 30 years construction industry experience
  • Use only our own high quality, VOC free resins
  • Professional installers, fully trained and licensed
  • Fast curing resins, useable one hour after final coat
  • Fast service. One-day garage installs
  • Nationwide supply and install service
  • 10 year guarantee
  • Free surveys


  • How long does a garage floor take to install?

    We will usually complete your garage floor in one working day, dependant on the size of your floor space.

  • What is the process for getting a new floor from Fusion?

    We would survey your garage floor (free) and give you our accurate quotation.

    If you are happy, we would ask you to select your choice of colour blend.

    Once a colour is chosen we would ask you to sign the sales agreement form and pay the initial deposit.

    We would then book an installation date convenient for you, (usually around 4 weeks lead time).

    The garage floor would need to be cleared prior to installation date.

    Our installation team will then arrive around 8.30am on the day of installation.

    We would require access to 230v power socket outlet.

    The team will then carry out preparation on the floor by using special machinery to remove any contamination on the existing floor

    They will then start the installation of the resin process.

    Once the last coat is installed you may use the garage floor 1 hour later.

    The team will have cleared up and removed all  project waste from your property.

  • What about the safety of this type of flooring for home use?

    All our resins are VOC free and we ensure that installation is carried out safely and according to our rigorous specification. A seamless, anti-slip, hygienic flooring surface also makes this a safe choice for your own home or business.

  • What are the benefits of this type of flooring over a painted concrete floor?

    A concrete floor can be cold and dusty (even if it is painted) and will quickly start to degrade over time, looking stained and dirty as the thin paint coating starts to crack and peel. Our resins are high strength and have a superior chemical bond between layers, which ensures perfect adhesion and durability to the floor. We use our own in-house, fast cure resins, which allow rapid installation – meaning less disruption for you and allowing you to use the floor the same day.

  • Can I choose extra features for my floor?

    Flooring can be tailor-made to suit your requirement with attractive flooring finishes (quartz, pigment, flake etc.) or even additional cement or other aggregates for additional strength and slip resistance. Our surveys are free, so it will cost you nothing to find out how to make the best of your workshop floor.

  • What is the rough cost to install an MMA resin floor in a single dometic garage?

    Each garage can differ in so many ways, for example the condition of the existing floor, which may need repair first. We would not want to miss-sell you, so the best option is to get a free survey by one of our sales agents, who can then provide you with an accurate quotation.

  • Do you install in my area?

    We certainly do. Our nationwide team of fully trained, tidy and professional installers are licensed to work with our own in-house resins. We offer free surveys and cover the whole of the UK.

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