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We offer a free survey to discuss your requirements, assess and specify the most suitable MMA resin flooring system for your space. Once a professional survey has been undertaken, you will be provided with an accurate quotation.

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MMA (Methyl Methacrylate) is an acrylic resin system, comprising of a primer, body coat and topcoat consisting of a formulated synthetic resin and separate hardener. Our flooring systems range from 2mm – 50mm in thickness. As performance demands intensify (typically resulting in an increase in resin floor thickness), the range of ingredients grows to include aggregates, pigments, decorative quartz / flakes and in some cases cement powder. The thicker type resin floor types are almost always harder than concrete.

MMA resins cure much faster than other resins available, which enables us to keep labour costs down.
We can install in temperatures as low as -30 degrees Celsius and our Resins are have high resistance to oils, Grease and tyre marks, making them a perfect surface choice in industrial and commercial uses as well as in the home.

An ultra-strong chemical bond between layers gives the resin coating maximum strength and exceptional bond to most substrates, including concrete, steel, tiles, other resins, asphalt and marine ply.

All our systems can be tailor-made to give any level of slip resistance required and can be produced in a massive selection of blend colours, as well as flake and quartz finishes.

Easy to clean, low VOC, safe and hygienic.



Weather UV Resistance Excellent UV resistance
Curing time 1 Hour
Installation Temp As low as -30 degrees c
Surface additions Quartz flake etc.
Guarantee 10 yrs

Choose your style

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Here is a small sample of the thousands of colour blends available in quartz and flake finishes that we can combine to tailor your floor to your own style and specification.


With over 30 years servicing the construction industry, we supply and install only our own in-house resins. All our resins have an ultra strong chemical bond between layers to give maximum strength. All systems can be tailor made to give any level of slip resistance required. Exceptional bond to most substrates including concrete, steel, tiles, other resins, asphalt and marine ply. Easy to clean and hygienic.

  • Over 30 years construction industry experience
  • Use only our own high quality, VOC free resins
  • Professional installers, fully trained and licensed
  • Fast curing resins, useable one hour after final coat
  • Fast service. One-day garage installs
  • Nationwide supply and install service
  • 10 year guarantee
  • Free surveys


  • What does MMA stand for?

    MMA stands for Methyl Methacrylate, a resin flooring system developed to enable a fast curing, well bonded surfaces that will allow trafficking within the hour, in many cases.

  • What are the main benefits of this system?

    Rapid installation due to the fast cure time of our resins. High strength and superior chemical bond between layers which gives adhesion and durability to the floor. Flooring can be tailor-made to suit the requirement with attractive flooring finishes (quartz, pigment, flake etc.) or even additional cement or other aggregates for additional strength and slip resistance.

  • Can the flooring system be used in the food industry?

    It certainly can. With tailor-made anti-slip resistance levels and a solid, impermeable, easy-clean, hygienic surface, our MMA resin flooring system is the perfect choice for food, pharmaceutic and manufacturing environments.

  • Do you install MMA resin floors to the domestic market, in particular garages ?

    Yes we do, in fact we recommend this as the ideal flooring option in domestic as well as commercial garages. Being attractive, durable and resistant to oil, grease and tyre marks means this type of system works really well in the home garage or workshop. The fast curing time of our resins also means that our professional installers can get your floor operational within the day in many cases.

  • Do you install in my area?

    We have a nationwide team of fully trained, tidy and professional installers, who are licensed to work with our own resins. We offer free surveys and cover the whole of the UK.

  • What about the safety aspects of MMA flooring?

    All our resins are VOC free and we ensure that installation is carried out safely and according to our rigorous specification. A seamless, anti-slip, hygienic flooring surface also makes this a safe choice for your own home or business.

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